Services from Inverness, Aberdeen, Kinross, Perth, Dundee, St Andrews, Cupar, Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes call in at Halbeath P&R on route to Edinburgh – Stagecoach Services X56, X59, X60 and X61 and Scottish Citylink/Park’s of Hamilton/Megabus Services M90, M91, M92, G92 and 913. The majority of buses go to Edinburgh bus station in the City Centre. Journeys from Halbeath P&R to Edinburgh typically take around 45 minutes, however, during peak times on weekdays, journey times may be extended.

Stagecoach Services X24, X26 & X27 – from Dundee, St Andrews, Cupar, Glenrothes, Leven and Kirkcaldy – call in at Halbeath P&R on route to Glasgow.

Other routes include the JET747 service to Edinburgh Airport ; the high frequency Stagecoach Service 19/19A serving Dunfermline town centre, Cowdenbeath and Ballingry; 33/33A (serving Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline, Cowdenbeath, Cardenden and Kirkcaldy).

Route Map

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Departure Stances

Stance 1

X24, X59Glenrothes & St Andrews
913Fort William
M90, M91Perth & Inverness
M92, G92Dundee & Aberdeen

Stance 2

19/19BFife Leisure Park, Dunfermline and Rosyth
19DDunfermline and Rosyth Dockyard
33, 33AQM Hospital & Dunfermline BS
747Dunfermline Bus Station

Stance 3

X24, X26, X27Fife Leisure Park, Dunfermline, Kincardine, Cumbernauld & Glasgow/Glasgow Airport
Forth Valley Royal Hospital between Kincardine and Cumbernauld

Stance 4

M90, M91, M92Edinburgh

Stance 5

747Edinburgh Airport

Stance 6

19, 19A, 19B, 19DCrossgates, Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly and Ballingry
33, 33ACrossgates, Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly, Cardenden & Kirkcaldy

All times, routes, fares and stances are correct at time of print and frequencies are shown as summaries only, customers are advised to check full timetables before travelling.

Composite Timetables for all Services to Edinburgh & Glasgow

Click here for the composite timetable to/from Edinburgh.

Click here for the composite timetable to/from Glasgow/Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport.


Individual Services Timetables

Full routes and timetables for individual services are listed below.

You can also visit the operators’ own websites.

19/19ABallingry - Lochgelly - Cowdenbeath - Dufermline - RosythALL STOPSYESClick here for 19/19A timetable
X24St Andrews - Cupar - Glenrothes - Fife Leisure Park - Dunfermline - Forth Valley Hospital - Glasgow - Glasgow AirportLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X24 timetable
X26Dundee - Cupar - Glenrothes - Fife Leisure Park - Dunfermline - Forth Valley Hospital - GlasgowLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X26 timetable
X27Kirkcaldy - Fife Leisure Park - Dunfermline - Forth Valley Hospital - GlasgowLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X27 timetable
33/33ADunfermline - Cowdenbeath - Cardenden - KirkcaldyALL STOPSYESClick here for 33/33A timetable
X56Perth - Kinross - EdinburghALL STOPSYESClick here for X56 timetable
X59St Andrews - Cupar - Glenrothes - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X59 timetable
X60St Andrews - Leven - Kirkcaldy - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X60 timetable
X61Leven - Glenrothes - Cowdenbeath - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for X61 timetable
M90Inverness - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for M90 timetable
M91Inverness - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for M91 timetable
G92Aberdeen - EdinburghLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for G92 timetable
747Inverkeithing - Edinburgh AirportLIMITED STOPSYESClick here for 747 timetable

Every care has been taken by Fife Council when compiling this information. Fife Council does not accept responsibility for errors or omissions. Passengers are advised to contact the bus operator or Traveline to clarify details of any bus service prior to travelling.